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EEO, Anti-Bullying, Discrimination and Workplace Harassment Training

We offer public, onsite and online training

iHR Australia is the largest independent provider of anti-bullying, harassment, discrimination and EEO training across Australia. Our on-site and public EEO training programs address relevant state and federal legislation, individual and leadership behaviour, workplace culture and the impact they have on compliance, performance and brand.

Our training does more than inform about lawful behaviour – it addresses desired workplace behaviour and practices that reflect organisational values, create culture and increase motivation and staff engagement.

Our anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination training programs include:

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Training towards a safe workplace

A critical part of any organisation’s ‘reasonable steps’ in providing a safe workplace is the provision of appropriate anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination training. It demonstrates that the organisation is actively informing their staff, managers and senior management about what types of behaviour constitutes unlawful bullying, discrimination and harassment.

The iHR Australia training method

iHR have developed the Workplace Reality Theatre, in which professional actors re-enact real-life workplace situations. Participants then identify and address inappropriate workplace behaviours. Our training stimulates self-reflection and adjustment through our ‘observe, analyse and practice’ methodology. Our program content and Workplace Reality Theatre re-enacted scenarios can be tailored to suit your organisation’s specific environment, circumstances or needs. We recognise that responsibilities in the area of anti-bullying, harassment and discrimination differ at various levels of the organisation and, accordingly, have programs specific to employee, manager and executive levels.

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